About  iFEST

iFlourish Beauty Academy, iFEST, is amongst the leading training institutes in Beauty Therapy. We are an international school with up-to-date training facilities and technologies

We give proper and world class education as our instructors teach with creative and interesting teaching methods developed to meet detailed syllabus.

Our fresh and creative teaching methods – taught by industry professionals – developed from the need for a technically specific and practical syllabus, and is structured in a way to develop your style for your whole career. Covering a whole range of skills a successful therapist needs to get to the top of their game, our goal is to give you the finest education possible in our comprehensive courses.

Our Mission

To inspire GREATNESS in individuals and lay a solid foundation in the beauty industry, raising prolific beauty educators and service providers all around the world via our exceptional trainings.

Our Vision

We have a mandate to raise professionally seasoned careers in the world of beauty therapy and cultivate a high caliber of professionals in the industry.

Our Core Values
  •  Commitment To Excellence: We  provide a proper and world class level of training that will bring about greatness in our student

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We believe that in providing a proper and world class level of training, we will bring about greatness in you as you start a career as a beauty therapist.

What our students say

iFEST is truly second to none; the hospitality, learning facilities and quality of training is top notch. The lecturers and staff were very detailed and professional about their job. They truly inspired me to see the endless possibilities of building a career in the beauty therapy industry.


I really love how iFlourish Beauty Academy teaches her students, it makes learning interesting and fun. I was inspired to dream big, to see myself as an international aesthetician. At iFEST, the quality of the training far outweighs the fees. I’ll surely return for their other academic programmes.


I had a great experience at iFlourish Beauty Academy. The lecturers were specific and perfect at what they did and the practical sessions were truly hands-on. The learning environment and accommodation facilities made it a truly worthwhile experience for me.